A decision to build chemical plant near the city of Karaganda was approved in the forties and at the beginning of World War II plant construction became primary challenge. Thus by the fifties, “Carbide” Production Association became third largest manufacturer in the Soviet Union of calcium carbide with simultaneous production of acetaldehyde, rubber substance, vinipol, oxygen and nitrogen.

Perestroika brought radical changes. The old calcium carbide manufacture line, bivinyl and rubber substance manufacturing workshops and organic synthesis production line were closed. “Temirtau Electro Metallurgical Plant” JSC was established in 1994 along with implementation of the program for overall plant development. Production of calcium carbide and carbon dioxide has been restored. One carbide furnace was reconstructed for manganese ferroalloys manufacture with first manganese ferroalloy produced by the end of 2000. Later, manganese ferroalloys product line was added with ferrosilicon manganese manufacture. 

To-date, Chemical Metallurgical Plant “Temirtau Electro Metallurgical Plant” JSC (TEMP JSC) is one of the largest ferroalloys manufacturers in Kazakhstan. Ferroalloy products of TEMP JSC are of constant high demand due to low phosphorous content. At the same time TEMP JSC is the biggest manufacturer of calcium carbide in the CIS possessing more than 30% share of calcium carbide market of the CIS.

Investment development program had been elaborated throughout second half of 2011 providing stage-by-stage modernization of primary production and mining base expansion. The following had been accomplished within 2012 under investment development program:

• Acquired 39 items of mining equipment;
Performed first overhaul of ferroalloy furnace after 12 year of exploitation;
Performed overhaul of two limestone calcination furnaces (no overhaul for more than 20 years);
Built railway spur at Topar-8 Open Pit for limestone recovery at South-Topar Mining Administration;
Continued repair of front wall of carbide furnace (no repair for more than 20 years);
Continued overhaul of railway and mining equipment;
Developed and continued implementation of the project on start-up of experimental agglomeration workshop (estimated closing-up – end of 2012);
Started gas purification system construction (estimated closing-up – February 2013).


Production and processing of manganese ore and limestone.

Production of ferroalloys and calcium carbide.

Associated manufacture of carbon dioxide, oxygen and limestone.

Organizational Structure

TEMP JSC is one of the largest enterprise in the Republic of Kazakhstan incorporating companies of chemical, metallurgy and mining industries. Overall manpower is 2270 people.

TEMP JSC comprises of “Marganets” Mining Administration, South-Topar Mining Administration and Chemical-Metallurgical Plant.

“Marganets” Mining Administration develops number of unique manganese ore deposits. Manganese concentrates for ferroalloy manufacture are main products of “Marganets” Mining Administration. “Bogach” Open Pit in Karaganda Province and “Esymzhal” Open Pit in Eastern-Kazakhstan Province are part of mentioned mining administration.South-Topar Mining Administration for limestone production and processing. The enterprise is exploiting biggest South-Topar deposit of fluxing limestone in Kazakhstan.

Chemical-metallurgical plant is a leading company of TEMP JSC being final stage of technological process providing finished products: calcium carbide and ferroalloys. 

Strategic challenges

Production volume buildup. The construction of second ferroalloy furnace with production output of 45,000 tons per annum is scheduled for 2013-2014.
Introduction of modern energy-saving technologies.
Reduction of unit cost and higher production efficiency. 
Implementation of technologies for deeper metal recovery and re-treatment of sieve residue of manganese concentrate.



General Director Bayan Darkhan Bolatovich

Contact Info

# 2, Privokzalnaya Street, Temirtau
Karaganda Province
Republic of Kazakhstan, 101402
Reception: +7 7213 93 56 29
Commercial Director: +7 7213 93 52 00
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