Saryarka Mining Limited Liability Partnership



Saryarka Mining LLP was created in February 2008. The Partnership participants are the following:

• Central Asian Investment Consulting Company — 80%;
• National Company «SPK «Saryarka»- 20%.

The enterprise was created to take an active part in the mining industry of Kazakhstan by means of organizing the crop and further realization of production. Receiving the contract on exploration and crop of ferromanganese ores on the Tuyebay-Syurtysuyskaya area of Karaganda oblast allowed the company to get down to carrying out its tasks immediately.
The exploration works on Tuyebay-Syurtysuyskaya area were launched in 2008 and are conducted for the purpose of valuation of earlier known and searching new ore occurrences in the contractual territory.
Exploration period shall be 4 years, production period 25 years. The area of geological allotment is 286.56 sq. km.

Types of activities

• Exploration and production of ferromanganese ore on Tuyebay- Syurtysuyskoy deposit located in Zhana-Arkinskiy district of Karaganda oblast, including ferromanganese ore occurrence of Eastern Syurtysu I, Eastern Syurtysu II, Eastern Syurtysu III, Nakhodka, Tamara and Tuyebay;
• Development of projects for all types of exploration and mining works;
• Production and sale of exploration and mining production;
• Export of products and waste materials of mining and smelting industry.
The forecasted recourses of manganese ore of Р1 category on Tuyebay- Syurtysuyskoy deposit are the following:
Eastern Syurtysu I — 14,3 mln. tn with manganese content 18,69%, iron 3,68%;
Eastern Syurtysu II — 1,5 mln. tn with manganese content 15,58%, iron 12,56%;
Eastern Syurtysu III — 3,5 mln. tn with manganese content 20,2%, iron 17,53%;
Tuyebay — oxidized ores 313,5 thous. tn. with average manganese content 11,26%, iron 7,83%;
Prime ores 1 957,8 thous. tn with average manganese content 19,66%, iron 6,25%.


Contact information

Actual address:
Kazakhstan Business Centre, 7 fl.,
49 Bukhar Zhyrau ave,
Karaganda city
Republic of Kazakhstan 100000
tel.: +7 (7212) 98-11-66
fax: +7 (7212) 98-11-67

Legal address:
38-1 Sadvakasov str.,
Atasu settlement
Karaganda region,
Republic of Kazakhstan 100500