Taraz Metallurgical Plant LLP


The history of the company Be equal among the best!

In order to create a powerful iron and steel industry in the South of Kazakhstan at the end of 2006, a group of local investors in the face of Central-Asian Investment Consulting Company has decided to refocus the once giant chemical industry “Khimprom-2030” LLP from chemical production to metallurgical. The new draft was approved by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, and “Taraz Metallurgical Plant” LLP was included in the list of breakthrough industrial investment projects of the country, thus opening a new page in the history of industrial development of Kazakhstan.

With the beginning of the development of the investment project, reconstruction of the two furnaces (No. 5 and No. 6) was started. As a result, in July 2007 furnace No. 5 was commissioned. By the end of 2007, another reconstructed ore-thermal furnace No. 6 was put into operation, construction of two ferroalloy furnaces RKO-25 with modern gas cleaning systems was started to ensure the clearance of solids at 97%.

In 2011, two new ore-thermal furnaces were introduced in operation CSC-25. It is also planned to upgrade the furnace No. 5 and No. 6, to begin the design for construction of new furnaces RKO 25 (No. 1, 2) with the introduction of similar gas cleaning system and complete overhaul of the production areas.

Trade House “SAT” LLC was opened to enhance the effectiveness of marketing policy and improve interaction with consumers on the territory of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

With the introduction of new furnaces it is expected not only to increase production volumes of competitive high-quality products, but also increase additional jobs that will allow us to solve the social problems of the region.

Despite the global crisis and the difficult financial situation of the enterprise at the time of the arrival of investors, all measures to maintain stability and preservation of jobs were taken. Today the number of employees of the Taraz Metallurgical Plant is more than 1400 people.

Wide geography of deliveries is indicator of quality and relevance of our products on domestic and foreign. TMZ has now fully generated orders to sell products in Russia and the CIS countries.

Directions of activity

Production of raw material for steel alloying:
Production of the following types of products: ferromanganese silicon, manganese master alloys, electrode mass, repair mass, crushed rock and sand production of phosphorous slag, electo-calcium anthracite (thermo-anthracite).

Strategic objectives

• becoming a giant metallurgical industry in Kazakhstan;
• strengthening market positions;
• increasing return on invested funds;
• high output growth;
• improving the quality of products;
• introduction of modern technologies and equipment;
• improving the welfare and social protection of workers

The values of Taraz metallurgical plant:

• Financial efficiency of the enterprise;
• We value each employee;
• Sound management strategy;
• We honor plant’s traditions;
• The credibility of the plant.


Contact information

The Republic Of Kazakhstan,
080000, Taraz, Industrial zone
Tel.: +7 (7262) 94-12-50
Faz: +7 (7262) 94-12-60
E-mail: info@tmz.kz